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Must See for All Neurosurgery Residents: Seven Series, by Mike Lawton MD of Barrow in Arizona: State of Art Video format, production

Some of the best Neurosurgical videos you will see on the internet as far as Operative Neurosurgery Teaching Videos, is being done by Mike Lawton MD of, called “The Seven Series” ………..vid link here….…/grand…/seven-series/ and the link to see ALL EPISODES HERE:
Dr. Lawton format is to go through a prerecoded didactic neurosurgery operative video, and have a running commentary to the short 8 minute video, as well as explanatory graphics. A teaching module, if you will.
What would, in my opinion, would be to possibly add another educational “layer” of Zoom interaction with the viewing audience, record it, call it “Seven Series PLUS”. This video make it INTERACTIVE, and ‘AU CURRENT”, as the French say…………….
I asked Juha in Nepal, where I spent a few months a few years back, if he wanted to add an audio track to his 1000 videos, and his vacant stare, and widened eyes said it all!
But Nowadays, Dr Lawton is afforded the luxury of adding an interactive platform like Zoom, in addition to the work he has done so far on the SEVEN SERIES. Dr Lawton says on the website he will continue the SEVEN SERIES, which is great news, and we will stay tuned!

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