Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Spine Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia Nov 25, 26


       Neurosurgical is announcing, and televising this event:

International Online Master Class

             for spine minimal invasive. Nucleoplasty.

              25-26 November. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

   Pleminary program

Date: 25-26 November 2017 

Place: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199178,

            Pirogov Clinic, Bolshoi prospect V.O. 49-51

            Sokos Hotel Vassilevsky  Congress Hall, 8-th line V.O. 11-13 


UniClinic Spb, Ltd.  (Russia) – International Medical Service Company

Bonss Medical  Ltd. (China) – medical equipment manufacturer

Neurosurgical TV (USA)

Pirogov Clinic (Russia)

Language: English


 Members of the program committee: 

– Dr. Grigory Asaturyan, neurosurgeon doctor, professor (Russia) 

– Dr. Tariq Saud Sinan, neurosurgeon doctor, consultant Interventional Radiologist, professor (Kuwait) 

– Mrs. Feir Zeng, Bonss Medical, CEO (China) 

– Mr. Vlad Tiplitsky, Bonss Medical, Head of international Sales for Bonss Medical 

– Mr. Valery S. Gendelev, UniClinic Spb Ltd, CEO, (Russia)  

                             PLEMINARY PROGRAM 

 Day 1.  25.11.2017. Theory

   Welcome speeches of organizers: 

  • Valery S. Gendelev

  • Feir Zeng

   Dr. Grigory Assaturyan 

    Lecture with video support

  • Percutaneous nucleoplasty (RF plasma, coblation)

             10 years and 5000 cases of practical experience in spine minimal invasive in Pirogov clinic

             and  Polenov Fedelal Neurosurgical Institute

  Dr. Tariq Saud Sinan 

Lecture with video support 

  • Nucleoplasty. Theory, technique and results

  • Minimally invasive treatment of spine disease


      Mrs. Feir Zeng, Mr. Vlad Tiplitsky

     The modern and most efficient equipment for nucleoplasty.

     Presentation of Bonss Medical Ltd.


 Questions and answers.

 Online discussing.

 Day 2.  26.11.2017. Practice.                                                                                                                                 


    Real minimal invasive spine cases 

     8-12 operations. Cervical, lumbar and thoracic cases

     On-line broadcasting from operational theatre. 

      Operator:  Dr. G.Asaturyan

      Moderator online: Dr. T.Sinan

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