London Spine Conference Agenda-Wednesday June 14

Day 4: Thursday 15 June – Live from NSpine

Clinical Keynotes – Chair: Marek Szpalski
09.00 Incubator Transport – Crashtest Analysis of Restraint Systems and Neonate
Neck Injury, Donal McNally
09.20 Emerging Technologies from D-air – Dangerous Sports: Safety from the
Unexpected Side, Vittorio Cafaggi (Dainese)
09.40 Emerging Brain-Machine-Interface technologies in the treatment of spinal
cord injuries, Andrew Jackson
EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries I – Chair: Wouter Moojen
10.40 Clinical cervical spinal cord contusion syndromes & EBM debate, Claudius
11.00 Timing of surgery in spinal cord injury, Doris Maier
11.20 Pro-Early Timing Surgery in SCI, Maarten Coppes
11.40 Active Physiological Conservative Management in Spinal Cord Injuries,
Wagih El Masri
12.00 Management of posttraumatic syringomyelia, Sanj Bassi
12.20 Discussion Panel
EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries II – Chair: G Balamurali
14.00 Managing autonomic dysreflexia, Paul Harrison
14.20 Managing spasticity following spinal cord injuries, G Balamurali
14.40 Discussion Panel
EANS: Spinal Cord Injuries III – Chair: Maarten Coppes
15.40 Classification TL-Spine Fracture related SCI, Enrico Tessitore
16.00 Brachial plexus injuries: etiopathogenesis and management, Radek Kaiser
16.20 Ethical Pediatric SCI Case Discussion, Wilco Peul
16.40 Discussion Panel

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